Denationalization of democracy

Democratic institutions have, historically determined, a strong nation state orientation. Globalization and denationalization increasingly challenge this orientation. Not only are decision processes shifted to a higher, international level with this, but also to a lower one, down to the regional and municipal arenas. The impacts of such processes are researched in this project group.

Ongoing projects

Political behaviour and attitudes in times of regionalism and mediatisation

How are the citizens, and local voters, able to deal with complex structures, the shifting or fading away of territorial borders, and the emergence of new political levels?
Project leaders: Daniel Kübler, Frank Marcinkowski (Universität Münster)
Project collaborator: Michael Strebel
Duration: 2013–2017
Research database UZH

Completed projects

Cleavages, governance and the media in European metropolitan areas

Assessing the trend towards new regionalism